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ZEISS VoluMax Delivers 3D Data in a Matter of Seconds
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OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 16.09.2013.
The new ZEISS VoluMax computer tomograph combines the benefits of two measuring methods. It generates 3D volume data in a matter of seconds and is insensitive to temperature fluctuations, making it an ideal inspection system for 100 percent checks in production. ZEISS VoluMax will be premiered on 16 September at the EMO show in the German city of Hanover.

X-rays deliver valuable insights into the interior of workpieces. Until now, this was only possible by using computer tomographs in the measuring lab, and 2D X-ray measuring machines on the shop floor. "With the ZEISS VoluMax we now have a system that combines the benefits of both methods," says Product Manager Ralf Benninger from the ZEISS Industrial Metrology business group. The new computer tomograph generates 3D volume models much like a computer tomograph in the measuring lab. Like 2D radiography, however, it is equally suitable for the shop floor. ZEISS VoluMax can be used between temperatures of 15 and 40 degrees Celsius and delivers the measuring results in just a few seconds.

Short cycle times
In order to achieve such a short measuring time, ZEISS has increased the X-ray power compared to its existing computer tomographs. In addition, the measuring time is reduced considerably: while the measuring software calculates the 3D volume model from several hundred images, the machine is already busy scanning the next workpiece. ZEISS VoluMax needs only 10-50 seconds per workpiece – depending on the part and if it is loaded manually or with a robot. "The cycle time can even be lowered to less than one second per part if the user loads the system with several parts at once," Benninger continues. Thanks to the short measuring time and the insensitivity to temperature fluctuations, ZEISS VoluMax is ideal for the inspection of parts directly on the shop floor. This makes it very suitable for inspections of entire batches.

Inspecting part by part
100 percent inspections directly on the shop floor are particularly attractive for the manufacturers of safety-relevant parts. Car makers, for example, are increasingly demanding extensive documentation for every single part from their suppliers. In a worst case scenario, this allows them to limit recalls to specific batches because the quality of each component has been documented. Instead of having to subject their entire production process to a detailed and complex review, manufacturers measure each individual part and document the results, i.e. they verify their process. However, computer tomographs can do more than inspect single parts: they are also ideal for entire assemblies.

The 3D volume model from ZEISS VoluMax enables operators to predict on the basis of the raw part which defective workpieces will comply with the specifications later in the process and which supposedly good parts will end up as scrap. "As a result, companies not only profit from greater reliability regarding the quality of their parts and production processes through the
ZEISS VoluMax, but they also save time and eliminate avoidable rejects, thus lowering their production costs," says Benninger.

Source: Carl Zeiss IMT GmbH

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