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Nel Pretech Offers A2LA-Accredited CT Services
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TINLEY PARK, IL -[1/16/2015] - Dimensional inspection services company, Nel Pretech Corporation is pleased to announce that it now has a new computed tomography (CT) machine called the METROTOM 800, allowing it to offer CT scans to its clients. This new acquisition makes the company the first A2LA-accredited lab to offer CT services in the U.S.

Created by Carl Zeiss Corporation, global leader and manufacturer of precision-measuring instruments, the METROTOM 800 is a new technology. It scans using x-rays to ultimately produce a 3-D digital rendering of the entire volume of a product, including external and internal geometry. Once a scan is complete, Nel Pretech can also provide post-scan engineering and measurement services as required.

Beyond being the first and only lab of its kind to offer industrial CT scanning, Nel Pretech will also be able to provide many benefits to clients through this new feature. These benefits include faster article inspections, no need for fixturing or clamping forces to distort a part, non-destructive inspection of internal and external geometry, no need for potting parts and a non-contact, x-ray-based measurement system for inspections.

A leading metrology service provider since 1993, Nel Pretech is proud to offer scan times that usually take less than an hour, with a turnaround time of 72 ARO. Not only is a free viewer included with its scan results, but also so is Web conferencing to share results.

About Nel Pretech

Nel Pretech is an accredited dimensional inspection laboratory, providing quality control services for most first-article manufactured parts. Its core services include dimensional inspection, 3-D scanning, industrial CT scanning, porosity analysis, assembly defect, part-to-part comparison, part-to-CAD comparison, colormap deviation reports, dimensional reports and reverse engineering. Nel Pretech has completed over 10,000 inspection projects and holds ISO 9002 and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation for commercial laboratories for its quality management systems, as well as A2LA accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025.

Source: Nel Pretech

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