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CES 2016: New SCANIFY products to enhance 3D scanning
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Fuel3D, a developer of 3D scanning solutions, today announced two new products for its SCANIFY product range to be shown at CES 2016 in January. The products include a scanner mobility pack and a press-and-scan compound that address typical 3D scanning barriers associated with portability and capturing reflective or shiny objects.

The SCANIFY 3D scanner won the 2015 CES Best of Innovation Award in the 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing category.

mobile-package-mainThe SCANIFY Mobile Package will provide users with the ability to mount a tablet computer and a standard 4200mAh lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery onto the scanner hardware, making the whole scanning unit fully portable.

SCANIFY with tablet cradle #2"With this development, we have given SCANIFY users the freedom to take 3D scanning to places where it just wasn't possible before," said Stuart Mead, CEO of Fuel3D. "Whether you're exploring ancient ruins, visiting a sculpture exhibition, aor hosting an event where guests are being scanned, SCANIFY can help you preserve your experiences in 3D."

The new SCANIFY Mobile Package will include all required cables and a 3D print file for a mount to support a tablet PC and battery (both not included). Fuel3D has adapted its 64bit Fuel3D Studio software to a 32bit version to support the use of any Windows

The 3D print file provided can be modified by the customer to match their specific tablet model. The tablet mount is provided in a format that can be easily reproduced on any 3D printer or via an online 3D printing service.tablet.

"As a handheld product, SCANIFY has always been more flexible than most other 3D scanning systems, but we wanted to offer our customers the ability to go completely mobile by removing the need to remain tethered to a power supply," said Andrew Larkins, CTO of Fuel3D. "By enabling a standard tablet and battery to be easily mounted onto the scanner, you can now take SCANIFY wherever you want!"

Press-and-Scan CompoundThe SCANIFY Press-and-Scan

While suitable for anyone looking to scan challenging objects, the product is particularly well-suite to applications such as reverse engineering, concept modelling and other industrial settings, where it is a common requirement to scan flat and or shiny objects. compound compound addresses some of the most common challenges associated with 3D scanning, providing users with a workaround for capturing shiny, translucent or sharp-edged objects. Objects with these characteristics can be pressed into the new SCANIFY Press-and-Scan compound, which creates highly-detailed, crisp and clear reverse impressions ready for 3D scanning.After press

"All 3D scanners face challenges when it comes to shiny, flat or reflective surfaces," said Larkins. "With the SCANIFY Press-and-scan compound we are providing our users with an option to help them overcome some of these challenges."

The SCANIFY Press-and-Scan kit will include 0.5lbs/235g worth of compound.

Visitors to CES can see the new products in action at the Fuel3D stand (26920) in the Las Vegas Convention Center, South Hall 2.

About Fuel3D:
Fuel3D is a leading 3D capture and imaging business. Its unique, market-leading technology, originally developed in Oxford University, has a broad range of potential applications across multiple industry sectors. The Company's intellectual property allows companies to utilise cost-effective, fast and accurate 3D image capture to improve existing practices, provide enhanced services to customers and gain advantages in their markets. Fuel3D's unique technology captures images at a speed faster than a tenth of a second and offers a unique capability for scanning organic subjects and capturing highly accurate data. www.fuel-3d.com

Source: Fuel3D

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